EPDM Rubber Flooring For Kids Play Area

TOPFLOOR , the Seamless Safety Flooring

TOPFLOOR is the seamless floor covering for impact protection, applied in situ. Its versatility is as unsurpassed as the design scope it offers, TOPFLOOR safety flooring can be applied to smooth, curved or slanting surfaces to create diversified play environments, TOPFLOOR adjusts to the tiniest uneven patches. creating a smooth, seamless safety surface. Thanks to its water permeability, TOPFLOOR can be used again quickly after it has rained. TOPFLOOR complies with Standard safety surfaces and can provide protection from a maximum fall height of three metres,

epdm rubber flooring for kids play area
EPDM Rubber Flooring

Color Options

EPDM Rubber Flooring
  1. EPDM wear layer, Installed in situ.
  2. SBR base layer, Installed in situ with precisely adjustable impact protection height
  3. Asphalt / Concrete surface
  4. Natural subsoil



EPDM : SBR ratio

20 MM

14 MM : 6 MM

25 MM

19 MM : 6 MM

30 MM

24 MM : 6 MM

35 MM

29 MM : 6 MM

40 MM

34 MM : 6 MM

About system


Wear layer consisting of solid-coloured EPDM granules mixed with a PU bonding agent; base layer
consisting of SBR granules mixed with a PU bonding agent.


Dual-layer construction consisting of wear layer and elastic
base layer.


25 colours and tieir combinations.

Application Areas

Children’s playgrounds,, outdoor swimming poolsh school-yards, etc., wherever ttiere is an increased
risk of injury through falling.

Wear Layer

Thickness : : 6 mm

Elastic Base Layer:

Thickness : 15- 40 mm


The unbound sub-base must be compacted to ensure that it is stable and crush-resistant.
Installation only by skilled . technicians.