Athletic Running Track System

Paving > 8mm rubber base Layer and > 5 mm EPDM surface Layer with special paver machine , simple construction, gaod flatness with pore, water permeable , breathable, excel-lent elasticity. Can be all-weather use, strong wear resistance, weather resistance, goad impact resistance, strong and durable. Economic price, better mare choice for running track ,but more suitable for sports court and playground surface

Athletic Running Track system

Main Construction Steps

EPDM Granules
Athletic Running Track system


Primer Layer (Concrete)

Polyurethane Primer coating 

Rubber Base Elastic Layer

DESMOTOP-RR 2008 Binder
Recycle Rubber Granule

Surface EPDM Elastic Layer

DESMOTOP-RR 2008 Binder 

EPDM Rubber Granule (1-3mm, 1-4mm)

Optional according to EPDM color granule


The correct surface relies on elements such as sport type, location, budget, and maintenance requirements and ranges from the excellent performance and robustness of polyurethane-based tracks to the versatility of rubber-based tracks and the EPDM Composite Type Running Track Sports Play Field System offers just that with the durability advantages of the hybrid synthetic running track while still having the low-cost advantage of the breathable synthetic running track.

Process of Making EPDM Composite Type Sports Athletic Running Track System

The bottom layer of the EPDM Composite Type Running Track Sports Play Field System is paved with rubber particles combined with polyurethane adhesive. After curing into glue, a layer of mixed slurry is scraped and coated, resulting in the formation of a composite synthetic running track’s elastic layer. In most cases, the surface layer is sprayed with a one-component adhesive and spray-type EPDM particles. It is, indeed, a hybrid product.

Why Should You Get EPDM Composite Type Running Track?

As breakthroughs in materials and technology drive innovation in track surfaces, athletes, coaches, and facility management must stay up to date on the latest developments. The type of synthetic running track chosen is critical in terms of improving athletic performance, assuring safety, and contributing to the success of sporting events. It is feasible to build an ideal running environment that supports brilliance and performance in the world of athletics by carefully analyzing the possibilities available.

Advantages of EPDM Composite Type Running Track

  • EPDM Composite Type Running Track Sports Play Field Systems are highly developed synthetic Athletic Running Track system made entirely of EPDM granules.
  • The product is volatile organic compound free, and athletic tracks built of it are rated well in terms of performance as well as being environmentally friendly and safe.
  • A UV-stabilized all-weather surface designed for unrivaled quality, durability, performance, and, most importantly, service.
  • This system comes with paving of an 8mm rubber base layer and a 5mm EPDM surface layer with a customized paver machine, simple construction, good flatness with pores, water permeable, breathable, and great elasticity.
  • Can be used in all weather conditions, has high wear resistance, weather resistance, good impact resistance, and is sturdy and durable. Economical for running tracks, but better suited for sports courts and playground surfaces.