Running Track Flooring system

The Running Track Flooring System by Topfloors Sports Infra is a completely waterproof, seamless surface for jogging tracks. Our technique is unique because it employs three self-leveling layers that are placed on-site and distributed with rubber granules. Athletes can take advantage of the system’s highest levels of comfort and performance. Our full PU system is utilized in professional stadiums.

Running Track Flooring system

Main Construction Steps

Body PU base mix rubber optional
Full PU Running Track System
Full PU Running Track System
Full PU Running Track System


Primer Layer (Concrete)

PU Binder 

Seal Layer (Asphalt)

Latex Seal Layer Material (add sand and cement)

Bottom Layer

DESMOTOP C303 Red Full-PU Material

Rubber Granule (Optional, 2-4mm)

Middle Layer

DESMOTOP C303 Red Full-PU Material
Rubber GranuLe (Optional, 2-4mm)

Surface Self Texture Create
Spray-coat Layer

DESMOTOP C301 Red PU Self Texture Create Type Spray-coat Material

Benefits of Our Running Track Flooring system

Topfloors Sports Infra is famous for providing the best surface for running track flooring systems. We make sure the surface is perfect for high-level professional running contests, and our expertise works to give it:

  • Exceptional Durability and Performance
  • Seamless
  • Great Resilience to Wear and Tear
  • Amazing Security and Ease
  • Extremely Impervious to The Effects of The Elements and Sunlight

What Makes Our Running Track Flooring system different?

Sandwich system operating the track surface layer that does not contain EPDM. The completed layer has a consistent texture throughout, both convex and concave, and is orderly. Composition consisting exclusively of full PU, exhibiting high adhesive bonding and resilience to wear. Then there is no problem with granule loss, a beautiful surface that has been sprayed, and good physical performance as well as environmental protection properties, all of which are preferred by the vast majority of clients.

We Give Running Tracks a New Life

The colors of your running track ought to shine brightly. We put color back into your track by applying a water-based spray coating. This coating has great qualities that ensure the color will remain stable and will last for a long time. In addition to being intended to construct new sports surfaces, our running solutions may also be used to rehabilitate an existing running track surface, providing your facility with a new lease on life.