Si-PU Sports Flooring System

Si-PU sports

Main Construction Steps

Si-PU Sports flooring system
Si-PU Sports flooring system
Si-PU Sports flooring system


Base Layer

Aspholt Subbase or SBR rubber base layer

Sealer Layer

Si-PU Special Sealer+Cement+sand

Elastic Layer

Si-PU Elastic Layer

Strengthen Layer

Si-PU Strengthen Layer

Surface Layer

Si-PU Surface Layer

Si-PU Sports flooring system

SI-PU Main Construction Step

1. Primer coating layer on concrete base or Asphalt base surface. 2. Elastic Body layer material leveling coating by thickness requirement. 3.Desmotop C202 layer consumption 2-2.5 kg per sq m. 4.Topcoat layer making by Spray or rolling. 5. White Line marking

Si-PU Sports flooring system


Polyurethane floors are ideal for Indoor and Outdoor sports like Basketball court, tennis court, Badminton court, Polyurethane flooring also laying in gymnasiums and other high-traffic areas because the polyurethane top layer is extremely wear resistant.​

High elasticity Experience more walking comfort and noise reduction due to higher elasticity. In addition, it applied on uneven surface also due to self -leveling properties. 

Polyurethane sports flooring is ideal for all kind of sports surface like Basketball court, Tennis court and Badminton court, Its Highly elastic and more tensile strength.​

Polyurethane sports flooring thickness depend according to sports game, Its 8mm ( 6mm SBR rubber layer + 2 mm Polyurethane layer, 10 mm (8mm SBR rubber layer + 2 mm polyurethane layer) etc. ​