Spray Coat Running Track System

The Spray Coat running track system by Topfloor Sports Infra is suitable for a variety of facility designs. Our basic system is this porous paved-in-place synthetic running track sport surface. It is made up of a layer of polyurethane-bound rubber granules on the bottom and a coat of one-component polyurethane and EPDM granules that is sprayed on top.

Spray coat running track

Main Construction Steps

Granule Base Optional
Eco-Friendly colorful granule base
Eco-friendly recycle granule base


Primer Layer

PU Binder

Rubber Base Elastic Layer

PU Binder Recycle Rubber Granule

Surface Spray-coat Layer

Other color option


Red PU Spray-coat Material
Red EPDM Granule(0.5-2mm)

Color Protect Layer (Optional)


Colorful Si-PU Surface Layer Material

What Makes Spray Coat Running Track System so Special?

Colored granules are the basis of the spray coating process. Stadiums, racetracks, and similar areas are ideal for it. Both its physical flexibility and its tensile strength are exceptionally high for a synthetic layer. Extreme weather conditions, including continuous sunlight, rain, and frost, are no match for it. This guarantees the product’s high quality. Integral Spor, a frontrunner in the industry, not only provides the greatest spray coating running track, but it also performs exceptionally well.

Spray-Coated Running Track Benefits

The materials used to treat a running track with a spray offer numerous benefits. The following is a list of the features that we mention:

  • Running tracks can be made completely waterproof using spray coating, and these structures can expand up to 400%.
  • There is no solvent and no smell to the product.
  • The materials used make it resistant to ultraviolet light and suitable for any weather.
  • In terms of corrosion protection, it is second to none.
  • It is very resistant to severe weather.
  • It is chemically invulnerable.
  • With excellent resistance to impact and abrasion, it lasts a long time.
  • It remains intact and undamaged.
  • It remains intact from -30 to +60 degrees Celsius.
  • It possesses superior adherence.
  • The installation takes very little time to complete.

Installation of Spray-Coated Running Track

  • Tracks that are spray-coated for athletic events adhere to standards set by the International Association of Athletics Federations.
  • The spray coating system is a cost-effective EPDM coating option that offers a textured finish, high-impact absorption, and ease of application.
  • It is used in a way that is multi-layered. A mixture of SBR granules and polyurethane binders makes up the base layer.
  • Fine EPDM granules and polyurethane filler cover the surface of the base layer.


Spray coating system is a system consist of a 2 layers, Flexible and shock absorbing,used for Athletic track and walking paths.​

It is mixed with a 10 mm thick SBR rubber granules binder and applied to the ground with the paver machine, After 24-48 hrs, EPDM & DESMOTOP C301 PU is mixing and applied by spraying, The the White Line marking are drawn. ​

There are used on Athletic running track, Walking path and Jogging path.​

A special price determined according to the amount, thickness and color of the project, more information call to Topfloor.​