Why Today’s Athletic Track Materials Are Better Than Ever?

Why Today’s Athletic Track Materials Are Better Than Ever?

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The athletic track consists of a rubberized material suitable for all weather conditions. It is made up of all weather-suitable materials so that every athlete is able to test their abilities in a stable environment. The major type of sport involving athletic tracks is track and field. It is a global sport that is practised in every nook and corner of the world, making it a must to build a proper athletic track. 

Previously, several materials were used, which have now become outdated in athletics, leading to the introduction of newer materials like synthetic running tracks for athletics. This is because the council guidelines, technological advancements, and raw materials have evolved over the past few years, which is why newer materials are preferred. Nowadays, the favoured choice for running tracks is a hybrid synthetic running track with enhanced performance of polyurethane tracks and the durability of rubber tracks, popularly known as EPDM Composite type running track sports playfield system.   

Importance of Choosing the Right Track Surface Material

Relieves joints and muscles

If you have a concrete floor, then running on it becomes difficult. This is why you will need a synthetic athletic track that provides optimum shock absorption. This cushioning protects runners from shock-related joint disorders and muscle pulls or strains. The surface is firm and provides friction so that the runner does not stumble or slip. 

Low Maintenance

Earlier natural materials like grass, clay, cinder, and dirt were used for the initial construction of athletic tracks. However, there are several disadvantages when it comes to these natural materials. They face the brunt of climatic changes and get damaged easily. And because of this, you need to spend a certain amount to repair it. At the same time, the EPDM Composite track is highly preferred because of its longevity and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Synthetic tracks are a one-time premium quality investment.

Improves Performance

EPDM Composite running tracks act as a springboard that captures the athlete’s energy, doubles it, and gives it to the runner in the next stride. In contrast, natural material-based running tracks do not possess this kind of quality. Thus, these synthetic polyurethane running tracks not only serve the owner but also are a boon for athletes, which signifies that more and more athletes will be inclined towards newer synthetic tracks to improve their performance.


As technology advances rapidly, the innovations in track surfaces keep increasing. Coaches, athletes, facility managers, and councils should stay updated on these newer materials as they are highly beneficial in the long run. If you are looking for the perfect running track material, look no further than Top Floor Sports Infra for premium quality tracks in Gujarat. Their budget-friendly materials will serve a lifetime and will prove to be beneficial in all aspects. 

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